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One of the easiest ways to save is to avoid late fees and penalties.

To do this, I called several other companies, including Rogers, to get prices on their television packages. Armed with this knowledge, I called Bell to negotiate a better price.

You can save hundreds of dollars each year by comparison shopping your services and asking for a better price from your service provider. Last year, I reduced my phone and television bill by $23 each a month by speaking with Bell's retention department and changing my telephone plan.

If you're scared to open your credit card bill each month, it may be time to put away the plastic. Based on your budget, take out the amount of cash you'll need for the month and put it in envelopes for your various expenses, like bills and groceries. Having a set amount of money to spend on these items will help you avoid splurge items and not go over budget. When you wean yourself back on credit, you will have a better sense of your budget and how much you can spend.

If you are late making your credit card payment one month, you will pay $23.75 on a $1,500 balance, considering a 19% interest rate. This will continue to compound over the year and add up quickly.

Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket Singapore Outlets

"There is a tendency for people to stick their heads in the sand when it comes to really reviewing how they spend their money," said Jeffrey Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, Inc. "A few simple changes to a person's spending habits can save thousands of dollars a year, without a huge disruption to their quality of life."

A lot of people shop online for its convenience, with popular items including books, clothing and electronics. So why not earn money while you're at it? Ebates is a site that lets you earn cash back on your online purchases. Four times a year or more, Ebates will send you a cheque for the money you've earned, or transfer it to a PayPal account. The percentage of cash back varies depending on the retailer, but typically ranges between 3 to 12 per cent.

2. Steer clear of spending triggers

6. Go on a credit card cleanse

With summer heat just around the corner, fans are also a great use of energy and can help keep your bills down. If you run them at the same time as the air conditioner, you can raise the temperature setting by 2C, reducing your energy use by at least 10 per cent, according to the Ontario Energy Board.

By bringing these competitor prices back to our service provider, we reduced our television price from $44 a month to $30 a month.

If you're an impulse shopper, steer clear of areas or stores that will entice you to make an unnecessary purchase. For many, this includes browsing online retail stores, or simply strolling around the mall.

If cutting your land line isn't realistic for you or your family, call your provider and make sure you're on a plan that is the most cost effective for your needs. This is another opportunity to speak with your provider's retention department and ask them to reduce your monthly bill.

It also turned out I was only using half of my monthly phone minutes. Given this, I changed to a 500 minute per month plan and reduced my phone bill to $42 from $51.

Also, invest in a programmable thermostat, which can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 10 per cent when properly set.

If you're an emotional shopper, avoid going to your favourite stores when you're in a funk. You may end up buying something simply for its 'retail therapy' value.

This same approach applies to a number of services, including insurance. When your car and house insurance is up for renewal, don't be so quick to sign on the dotted line. Take the time to call other providers, and see what price they can offer. Taking this information back to your current provider will motivate them to match or beat the quoted prices. Shopping insurance prices may take a few hours of time, but the savings will be worth it.

And don't be shy about looking cheap. According to a 2011 survey by Consumer Reports, people who asked for a discount usually got one. More than 80 per cent of survey respondents who bargained over apparel or jewellery received a discount, as did around 70 per cent of those who bargained over appliances or electronics.

Home energy costs can really add up if you're not careful. You can cut your lighting energy cost by 15 per cent each year by simply replacing your light bulbs.

10 easy ways to save money

Companies are driven to provide customers with positive experiences, hoping to retain future business. While it's rare for a company to voluntarily offer a discount, they often have the wiggle room if asked.

What it will take is some effort and time. This will include calling retention departments, shopping competitor pricing and prioritizing your time to cut down on fast food or coffee runs.

With free, online services like Skype, the need for Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket Singapore Outlets a dedicated land line is becoming increasingly obsolete. Cutting your home phone can save you hundreds of dollars a year, and you don't need to sacrifice personal connections or time chatting with family and loved ones. A basic phone package costs around $50 a month. By cutting your land line, you could save $600 a year.

The saying "if you don't ask, the answer is always no" applies to saving money. Whether it's speaking with the retention department of a service provider, or asking for a discounted hotel rate, vocalizing your desire to save money and pay a reduced rate can go a long way.

Don't forget to review your bills each month to check for billing errors.

According to Toronto Hydro, the average home has 30 light fixtures that consume close to $200 worth of electricity every year. Replacing five bulbs with Energy Star qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs in areas that require more than three hours of light a day saves approximately $30 a year.

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"Today's is much less powerful," Thacker said, noting that today's object was about one fifth the diameter of yesterday's object and not big enough to cast any shadows.

A mysterious bright light also shot over the Maritimes early Tuesday morning, with some residents in eastern Quebec also seeing a bright light around the same time.

"Yesterday's object is probably a once or twice a year kind of object, maybe a little more common than that," he told CTV Atlantic on Wednesday. "Today's is probably something that happens Cheap Women Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Vest Black Singapore maybe three or four times a day around the world."

It's the third time this month that fireballs were reported in the East Coast.

Thacker said Tuesday's fireball, which experts say was likely a meteor, was roughly a metre in diameter big enough to cast shadows as it passed by.

2nd fireball shoots over Maritimes in 24 hours

Cheap Women Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Vest Black Singapore

"The fact that they both happened roughly at the same period of time is coincidental, but it's also what would be expected during a meteor shower," he said. "The intensity would increase during that period of time."

Paul Health, the president of the Halifax Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, said it's possible the Earth could be passing through a debris field left behind by a comet or asteroid, although he noted that experts have not yet collected enough data to know for sure.

Astronomy professor Rob Thacker of Saint Mary's University says it was merely a coincidence that the two fireballs blazed across the horizon almost exactly 24 hours apart, but that's where the comparisons end.

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With President Barack Obama promising a more open government and releasing secret Bush administration legal memos about harsh interrogations of terrorism suspects, LaHood said he found it hard to justify the FAA's plan to withhold records about birds flying around airports.

That same plane has experienced incidents in San Francisco; Salt Lake City; San Jose, Calif.; Houston; Denver; Toronto; New Orleans; Chicago and Spokane, Wash. Its most recent incident was weeks before Thanksgiving when it struck a single small bird during takeoff in Denver.

Among the reports that did contain a cost estimate, the most expensive strike occurred in 2001 in Troy, Ala., when the pilot of a Learjet was unable to avoid a white tailed deer while landing. The plane veered off the runway and burst into flames, critically injuring the pilot and a passenger. The cost of repairs was estimated at $12 million. There are incidents in which larger planes reported damage but no estimate of the repair cost.

Eleven people have died in airplane collisions with birds or deer since 1990, the data also show.

Wildlife experts have said the population of some birds, particularly large ones like Canada geese, has been growing as more and more birds find the food to live near cities and airports year round rather than migrating.

This week, however, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood rejected a proposal quietly advanced by the FAA on March 19 to formally make the data exempt from public disclosure even as other FAA officials were telling the AP it would soon get the records in response to its Freedom of Information Act request.

The FAA list of wildlife strikes, published on the Internet, details more than 89,000 incidents since 1990, including 28 cases since 2000 when a collision with a bird or other animal such as a deer on a runway was so severe that the aircraft was considered destroyed.

The data revealed one positive trend: strikes that caused major damage dropped noticeably in 2007 and 2008. In 2000, pilots reported 178 such strikes; in 2007 there were 125; and in the first 11 months of 2008, only 85. December 2008 numbers were not yet listed. There was no immediate explanation for the decrease from the FAA, although the agency tightened engine design standards in 2004 to better withstand bird strikes.

White tailed deer struck on runways caused more incidents of serious damage to planes since 1990 at least 288 accidents than any individual species of bird. Among birds, gulls, Canada geese, rock pigeons and turkey vultures were most frequently blamed for serious damage in cases where a species identification could be made.

The first disclosure of the entire FAA bird strike database, including the first ever release of the locations of strikes, occurred largely due to pressure after the dramatic ditching of a US Airways jet in the Hudson River after bird strikes knocked out both of its engines on Jan. 15. Days later, The Associated Press requested release of the database under the Freedom of Information Act.

Reports doubled at some of the nation's busiest airports, including New Orleans, Houston's Hobby, Kansas City, Orlando and Salt Lake City. Lovell Field, in Chattanooga, Tenn., registered the greatest increase in wildlife strikes, going from four reported incidents in 2000 to 55 in 2008 a 1,275 percent increase.

Since 2000, reported bird strikes have resulted in five fatalities and 93 injuries. The cost of repairs was estimated at more than $267 million in inflation adjusted dollars, but many of the incident reports contained no estimate of the repair cost. airlines hastened to put the data into context.

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Topping the list of airports where planes were either substantially damaged or destroyed by birds since 2000 were John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York with at least 30 such accidents and Sacramento International Airport in California with at least 28 accidents. Kennedy, the nation's 6th busiest airport, is located amid wetlands that attract birds, and Sacramento International, the nation's 40th busiest, abuts farms whose crops draw birds and sits along the Pacific Flyway used by migratory birds.

300 bird strikes in Illinois

The rarest of collisions occurred in Alaska: Twice planes hit caribou there a private plane in 1993 and a business jet in 2005.

All 155 people aboard survived when pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger ditched the powerless jet into the Hudson without breaking it up. The most recent fatal bird strike incident came in October 2007: A student and instructor pilot died when their small, twin engine business plane crashed in Browerville, Minn., after it struck a Canada goose during a night training flight. That plane's left engine had been damaged by a bird strike the day before and was repaired the day of the fatal crash.

An overwhelming majority of reported strikes nearly 16,000 occurred on approach, the data showed. Another 20,000 were split nearly evenly among take off, landing, and climbing. Only 19 occurred while the plane was parked; two of those resulted in damage.

The FAA had long argued the public can't handle the full truth about bird strikes, so it withheld the names of specific airports and airlines involved while releasing only aggregated data. The agency said the public might use the data to "cast unfounded aspersions" on those who reported strikes and the airports and airlines in turn might turn in fewer voluntary reports.

All told, pilots reported striking at least 59,776 birds since 2000. The most common strike involved mourning doves; pilots reported hitting 2,291 between 2000 and 2008. Other airborne victims included gulls (2,186), European starlings (1,427) and American kestrels (1,422).

A single United Airlines 737 passenger jet suffered at least 29 minor collisions with birds and one accident involving a small deer more than any other plane since 2000. In only one case was damage significant, when the jet climbed out of Philadelphia International Airport into a flock of gulls flying at 1,000 feet the night of Jan. 30, 2006. The pilot declared an Men Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Red Singapore Store Locator emergency after at least one engine sucked in a large gull and began vibrating badly. No one was hurt, but the airline spent about $37,000 in repairs.

airports since 2000, and New York's Kennedy airport and Sacramento International report the most incidents with serious damage, according to Federal Aviation Administration data released for the first time Friday.

"While bird strikes have attracted a lot of attention, they are, of course, rare events," the Air Transport Association of America said in a written statement. "The vast majority of cases result in little or no aircraft damage."

But even the FAA estimates that its voluntary reporting system captures only about 20 percent of all wildlife strikes and some airports and airlines do a better job of reporting than others.

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13 December to 20 December

Workmen had been dismantling machinery inside the mill, using oxyacetylene cutting equipment, on the afternoon of the blaze which was first spotted at 11pm. By 11.30pm the building was an inferno.

A ministry spokesman said: "The number of these birds in Britain is increasing rapidly and they do widespread damage to cereal crops and grasslands. We advise farmers to shoot them while they can."

and cook Canada geese.

of thousands, which had quickly gathered, gasped when shortly before midnight the roof collapsed.

WORCESTERSHIRE farmers are being urged to forego their festive turkey this year and to eat a Canada goose instead. The Ministry of Agriculture is encouraging farmers to shoot the North American

by the Royal Porcelain Company, was gutted. The mill formerly belonged to Townshend and Son.

Forty families living in nearby Mill Street, Portland Street and Diglis Road had to be evacuated. Police and fire service reinforcements were rushed to the area and there was a grave danger that

Worcester's fire chief Gerald Eastham praised station officer Stanley Kimberley and the crews of firemen who fought the blaze courageously and who eventually brought it under control on Sunday.

Huge beams which had supported the floors began to crash through to lower storeys. Flames roared through the windows and great tongues of fire licked up the outside of the red brick mill. A crowd

With the roof gone, millions of sparks shot into the cold night air to cascade down on the rooftops of surrounding houses and into the canal.

THE biggest fire in Worcester for many years caused damage costing thousands of pounds at the weekend. A third of the massive eight storey Albion Flour Mill in Mill Street, Diglis, recently bought

birds which are officially labelled as a pest, and to serve them up for Christmas dinner. The Ministry's regional office has even produced a special recipe leaflet to help farmers' wives prepare

Buy Women Canada Goose Whistler Parka Black Singapore

Sheets of flame leapt into the night sky and many people watched the Buy Women Canada Goose Whistler Parka Black Singapore blaze from all parts of the city.

the huge 150ft water tower of the mill, and a lofty chimney stack, would collapse. There were a number of explosions but no one was injured.

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In the decade since, the Creativity 50 has celebrated each year's game changers in a broad spectrum of fields not just from our industry, but also from art, technology, pop culture, science, entertainment and more because creativity as we know it can not be contained. Innovations in one field can spark brilliant ideas in another, which is what the list has aspired to do all along.

Also, you may have noticed that some of the years top innovators are missing from this list. Why? Because they've consistently "hogged" the spotlight for appearing in the Creativity 50 time and again over the past ten years. For our anniversary we applaud Youth Canada Goose Expedition Parka Black Singapore Outlets these untiring alumni who would have made the list yet again in our special Creativity All Stars list.

10th Anniversary Edition

Ten years ago, we introduced the Creativity 50 as part of Creativity the publication's 20th anniversary. We wanted to honor the people and companies who redefined creativity as we knew it in the previous two decades those who broke ground in advertising and marketing with their fresh thinking and eye opening ideas, as well as a handful of others who changed culture and our way of life.

Youth Canada Goose Expedition Parka Black Singapore Outlets

We hope that the accomplishments of this year's celebrants and of our past honorees continue to inspire you to think bigger and more boldly and create passionately and abundantly in the years to come. Ann Christine Diaz.

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CommentedSquatter eviction in Huntsville turns into possible terrorism, fraud investigation (9)EXCLUSIVE: Former American Legion commander arrested for embezzlement (5)Police seize nearly 300 pounds of marijuana, marijuana candy (5)Owner of puppy allegedly thrown from car comes forward (4)HOA response to squatting, investigation into possible terrorism in neighborhood (3)Alabama native loses everything in historic flood (2)AG Strange investigates signs prohibiting firearms at Huntsville locations (2)Local residents weigh in on Chief Justice Roy Moore's suspension (2)City gives update on John Hunt Park (2)The Healthy WAAY with Erin Dacy: Best temperature for sleep Women Canada Goose Expedition Parka Navy Singapore Outlets (1)

7 of the most addictive foods

Women Canada Goose Expedition Parka Navy Singapore Outlets

ArticlesKillen barricade situation continues Friday morningUPDATE: Standoff ends with two dead in Killen motel roomDecatur mission team stranded in HaitiName released of man arrested after day long search in Marshall CountyApple faces class action lawsuits regarding iPhone 6, 6 PlusSix pounds of marijuana found in Huntsville homeCommunity rallies around 7 year old fighting brain cancerGun, tactical vest stolen from deputy vehicle in rash of Fayetteville burglaries'We wish we hadn't stayed': Stranded people sayRunoff election results from across North Alabama

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Click the Adblock/Adblock Plus icon, which is to the right of your address bar.

Those who are more isolated from others than they wish to be suffer with poor health and experience a decline in brain function sooner than those who aren't.

On Adblock click "Don't run on pages on this domain".

The other group were 456 12 to 16 year olds from one of Boston's most disadvantaged areas in the 1930s. Many of these children livedin tenements without any running water.

Men Canada Goose Borden Bomber Coffee Singapore Factory Outlet

But a good relationship isn't a perfect one, he stressed, and said that while many of the couples studied bickered, they ultimately knew that they had someone to support them in times of strife.

The study started in 1938 involved 724 men who were split into two groups. One set were 268 sophomore students atHarvard many of who went on to fight in WWII.

While being lonely is harmful, being surrounded by people isn't necessarily helpful in itself, explained Professor Waldinger.

If you are Private Browsing in Firefox, "Tracking Protection" may cause the adblock notice to show. It can be temporarily disabled by clicking the "shield" icon in the address bar.

Meanwhile, "living in the midst of good warm relationships is protective"he said.

They were surveyed biennially about their lives, where researchers explored theirattitudes towards their work and home lives, and underwent medical examinations every five years.

In fact, marriages which are marked by conflict can be as bad for your health, and in some cases worse, than getting divorced.

"We know that you can be lonely in a crowd and lonely in a marriage,"he said.

He said that simple actions such as spending more time with people andkeeping long lasting relationships fresh,to reconciling with an estranged family member can boost a person's health.

People with more social connections be that to family members, friends or in a community are happier, physically healthier, and tend to live longer.

At the start of the study, Men Canada Goose Borden Bomber Coffee Singapore Factory Outlet the men underwent medical examinations and their parents were interviewed to give researchers a deep understanding of their lives.

The quality of relationships matters

Strong relationships are good for mind and body

Professor Waldinger said that people who feel they can count on another person when they face trouble have stronger memory, while those who don't see this faculity decline earlier.

3 lessons about happiness learned from the biggest ever study into adulthood

Professor Walinger concluded by telling listeners that maintaining good relationshipsis hard workand is not a quick fix to health and happines but he emphasisedthat the study repeatedly proved the benefits of persevering.

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5. Spider Man's introduction in the movie will make you laugh. According to executive producer Nate Moore, "Tom Holland'sintroduction scene is so funny and so fun," he said."Peter Parker doesn't live by himself, so we get to meet another new face in the Marvel Universe: Aunt May, Marisa Tomei." When the premiere screening audience got their first glimpse of Spidey, they laughed, as expected. They also applauded.

The fight sequences really step it up."FromThe Winter Soldier, [directors] the Russo Brothers wanted to amp it up a notch," said stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave. "We were tasked with giving each character a new fighting style . and we tried to mix that with the same hard hitting action as second film, and I think we outdid ourselves," especially during a "fight in the stairwell. Look for it," he said.

5 things we learned

2. How does he make it through long shoots?"I have to wear a cooling suit underneath the suitthat's like a radiator that pumps freezing cold water so I don't lose my mind and rip off the makeup," he said. "It's a lovely feeling if you're in 110 degree Atlanta heat. It's suddenly like being in Women Canada Goose Constable Parka White Singapore Price a gin and tonic, which is a very nice place to be."

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Duck Season Overview:

The season dates and regulations can be viewed in full detail on DEC website. Waterfowl hunting zone descriptions and boundaries are available on DEC website.

Northeastern Zone September 19 20

16 Waterfowl Season Dates

Hunters 16 or older must have a 2015 federal duck stamp to hunt during any of the 2015 16 seasons. This year stamp features a pair of ruddy ducks painted by New York artist, Jennifer Miller of Olean. The federal duck stamp cost increased from $15 to $25 this year, the first price increase for the stamp in 24 years. The United State Fish and Wildlife Service establishes the cost of the duck stamp. They are available at most post offices, some sporting goods stores, by calling toll free 1 800 852 4897, or here. Ninety eight percent of the proceeds from the duck stamp go toward migratory bird conservation and habitat acquisition. Stamps must be signed across the face by the hunter before they become valid for hunting, but they do not have to be attached to the hunting license.

Lake Champlain Zone September 26 27

Status of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in NY Wild Birds:

Southeastern Zone September 19 20

Women Canada Goose Trillium Parka Red Singapore Store Locator

Long Island Zone November 14 15

A special conservation season for snow geese, in addition to the regular hunting seasons in each zone, will be open in all of upstate New York from January 16 through April 15. These birds have become so abundant that they are causing harm to wetland habitats throughout their range. Special seasons have been established in many eastern states and provinces to increase hunter harvest and help reduce this population. The daily Women Canada Goose Trillium Parka Red Singapore Store Locator limit for snow geese is 25 per day, and there is no possession limit. Electronic calls and shotguns capable of holding more than three shells may be used to take snow geese at any time when all other waterfowl hunting seasons are closed.

Recent data indicate that waterfowl residing in the Hudson River between Hudson Falls and Troy have higher PCB levels than waterfowl from other portions of the Hudson River and are likely to have higher PCB levels than waterfowl from other areas of the state. Because PCBs may have a greater effect on young children or an unborn child, it is particularly important for women under 50 and children under 15 to minimize their PCB exposures.

To date, highly pathogenic avian influenza, which is of great concern to poultry producers across North America has not been found in wild birds in New York State. DEC and USDA staff will sample wild waterfowl this fall and winter in a continued monitoring program. Hunters are advised to practice good hygiene and take necessary precautions to minimize risks to themselves and their hunting dogs, such as: wear rubber gloves when cleaning game; wash hands with soap and water after handling game; disinfect utensils used to clean game; and dispose of carcasses in areas where domestic poultry will not come in contact with the remains. Buying a $5 stamp is a way to help conserve New York fabulous wildlife heritage. More information about purchasing a Habitat Stamp is available at the DEC website.

All migratory game bird (waterfowl, woodcock, snipe, rails and gallinules) hunters, including junior hunters (age 12 15), must register with New York Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program (HIP) prior to hunting in any of the 2015 16 seasons. Hunters must register every year and for each state in which they plan to hunt migratory game birds, and also must carry proof of compliance whenever going afield. Being considerate of other people enjoying the outdoors or who live nearby can help avoid potential conflicts and ensure a safe and enjoyable season. As coastal areas become more populated, new landowners unfamiliar with the safety, ethics and traditions of waterfowl hunting sometimes respond by seeking to limit hunter access to popular waterfowl hunting areas. Hunters should be considerate and try to minimize disturbance of local residents whenever possible. The current advisory states that: "Mergansers are the most heavily contaminated waterfowl species and should not be eaten. Eat up to two meals per month of other wild waterfowl; you should skin them and remove all fat before cooking, and discard stuffing after cooking. Wood ducks and Canada geese are less contaminated than other wild waterfowl species and diving ducks are more contaminated than dabbler ducks.

Most duck season dates are similar to last year, but there are some changes to daily bag limits. The daily limit for canvasbacks has been increased from one bird per day to two based on above average breeding population and nesting conditions this spring. In contrast, the daily bag limits for sea ducks (eiders, scoter and long tailed ducks) have been reduced from seven to six in the Special Sea Duck area on Long Island, with species restrictions of no more than four eiders, four scoters, or four long tailed ducks. In addition, the bonus daily bag limit for sea ducks has been eliminated in the Special Sea Duck zone; sea ducks count as part of the regular daily duck limit in all areas of the state. Further restrictions to sea duck season length and bag limits are expected in the fall 2016. Possession limits for all ducks are three times the daily bag limit.

For the latest DOH advice on consumption of waterfowl or other game, please visit the Department of Health website.

September Canada goose seasons begin September 1 throughout upstate New York, and on September 8 for central and eastern Long Island, and hunters can look forward to another 50 days or more (depending on area) to pursue these popular game birds during the fall and winter. Resident geese remain abundant in many areas of the state with the population estimated to be approximately 240,000 birds statewide, and migratory populations that pass through New York were estimated to be similar to recent years. Hunters are reminded that Canada goose seasons are set for different geographic areas of the state than other waterfowl seasons, so be sure to review the maps and season dates closely available on DEC website. Canada goose season dates and bag limits in most areas are similar to last year.

Albany, NY September 1, 2015 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Acting Commissioner Marc Gerstman today announced that information is now available about the upcoming waterfowl hunting seasons, including season dates and updated regulations.

The daily bag limit for Atlantic brant has decreased from two to one bird per day due to three consecutive years of poor productivity and decreasing population trends; however, the season length remains unchanged at 30 days.

Duck hunting seasons begin with designated youth waterfowl hunts in each zone of the state. These youth hunts are for junior hunters (12 to 15 years of age) accompanied by a licensed adult hunter (including current Harvest Information Program (HIP) registration and duck stamp see below). The adult should not possess a firearm while accompanying a youth who is hunting ducks on any of these days. The daily bag limit for ducks and brant during the youth hunts is the same as during the regular season and three per day for geese. The youth hunts are held on weekends in each zone of the state, as follows:

Western Zone October 3 4

"New York unique configuration of waterfowl management zones provides hunters with open seasons in various parts of the state from September to April," said Acting Commissioner Gerstman. "This year season selections were developed by a team of statewide DEC biologists, with input from waterfowl hunters. DEC has looked to task forces to help select waterfowl hunting season dates for more than a decade and appreciates all the help they have offered to help make these selections."

Federal Duck Stamp and State Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program:

Goose and Brant Season Overview:

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42 Two endangered plant species can be found protected at Itascas Spring Brook Nature Center. One is so rare it doesnt even have a common name. Known only by its scientific moniker, Carex atheroides, it also can be found at four other locations in the state. The other endangered species in Itasca is hairy marsh cress, or Rorippa icelandica hispida.

35 Du Page Countys only artesian well can be found at Waterfall Glen. The flowing water is caused by pressure on the groundwater from the high land overlooking the well. Much as in a city water tower, the high area stores the water, but pressure forces it to sprout from holes in the rock.

Touched by fame

150 Fascinating Facts About Du Page

38 The grounds of Argonne Laboratory and the forest preserve that is adjacent to the laboratory are home to a rare breed of white deer imported from Asia in the early 1900s by a wealthy but eccentric landowner named Irwin Freund, inventor of Buy Men Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Navy Singapore the skinless frankfurter. The deer are related to the native white tailed deer, but the species do not interbreed.

uncommon to rare are bats.

39 The 45 mile long Illinois Prairie Path became the first National Trail in Illinois when it was designated part of the national system in 1971. The trail stretches from Cook County on the east to Wheaton, where it branches into two trails, one northwest to Wayne, the other southwest to Aurora.

37 The man with the most animal statistics in Du Page is Dr. Dan Ludwig, a wildife biologist with the Du Page Forest Preserve District and a staff member at Willowbrook Wildlife Haven in Glen Ellyn. Ludwig reports that the district is in the inventory phase of tabulating the countys wildlife population. Current counts record 45 species of fish, 13 amphibians, 16 reptiles, 119 breeding birds and 45 mammals. Most abundant mammals are the meadow vole, also known as the field mouse, and the white footed mouse;

Buy Men Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Navy Singapore

46 The earliest blooming plant in Du Page County is skunk cabbage, which generates enough heat to burn through the snow and can be seen blooming in mid February. The latest blooming plant is the witch hazel, a shrub that is at its most colorful in November.

44 Environmentalists take note: Orchids grow naturally in Du Page, thanks to development. Its small and unspectacular, but the purple twayblade, once considered the rarest of North American orchids, is a common sight in Du Page forest preserves. Unlike most native plants, the purple twayblade likes disturbances in its habitat, and has flourished during the countys recent growth and development explosion.

40 During the last week in January, old Christmas trees fitted with cement shoes or clay weights are sunk in various forest preserve lakes to help improve fishing habitats. The lakes and ponds are stocked with bass, crappie, perch, sunfish, carp, bluegill, northern pike, walleye, trout, flat head catfish and channel catfish weighing from 5 to 50 pounds.

43 The first native Illinois prairie restoration took place at Morton Arboretum in 1962; the largest prairie restoration in the state is taking place on the grounds of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Some 400 acres have alrady been planted at Fermilab, with plans to develop an additional 200 acres.

41 The countys most transient residents are the 162 species of migrating birds that pass through the county every spring headed for northern breeding grounds. Among the rarest of those winging through is the tundra swan; the most common of the water birds is the Canada goose.

47 The designer of the worlds most famous bottle, the 6.5 ounce Coca Cola bottle, lived the last years of his life in Hinsdale, where he died in 1972. The bottle was designed by a young glass company worker, Earl R. Dean, in Terre Haute, Ind., in 1915. Working frantically for 27 hours, Dean sketched the design, carved the iron mold and cast the first Coke bottles to meet a contest deadline. Deans design won, and rest became fizzy history.

45 Orchids also grow unnaturally in Du Page. Villa Parks Orchids by Hausermann Inc. is the granddaddy of Midwestern orchid growers. The firm was founded in 1920 by Carl Hausermann, who first grew sweet peas, roses and gardenias; later he switched solely to the sale of orchid plants and supplies to hobbyists and professionals.

36 After distinguishing himself in the Civil War, Col. William Plum settled in Babcocks Grove, which eventually became Lombard. He and his wife, Helen, traveled extensively, bringing back to Lombard more than 200 species of lilac bushes to begin what is Lilacia Park. The Lombard Park District was established as one of the first special taxing park districts in Du Page, and its first charge was care of the Colonels lilac gardens.