Eight people have drowned in state waters since 1998 while hunting from a boat, and none were wearing life jackets.

Common sense isn't listed, nor is understanding that once the trigger is pulled, you can't undo what happens next. I could include these in just about every column all year round, and we'd still end up with firearms accidents.

10. Avoid alcoholic beverages or other mood altering drugs before or while shooting.

One last point. It's mid October and whether your next outing is your first or 15th, think safety. Before you leave your mobile phones or communication devices back at the truck or hunting camp, think of what they can do for you in an emergency, and put them on vibrate or silent. In the event you need to call for help, you'll be glad you have it along.

In similar fashion, no matter how many deer are or are not on the landscape, any single deer vehicle collision is significant to those involved. The same could be said if there's only one hunting injury or accident. In the big picture that may be a statistical success, but to the people involved and their families, it is significant.

Firearms safety is not the only component of hunter safety. Waterfowl hunters need to pay attention to weather and wind if they are heading out in a boat, and make sure they don't overload their craft and wear life jackets.

'10 commandments' keep hunters safe

In addition, wearing a life jacket will not only keep an overboard hunter afloat, but also slow the loss of critical body heat caused by exposure to cold water.

"Capsizing and falling overboard from small boats are the most common types of fatal boating accidents for hunters," said Nancy Boldt, recently retired boat and water safety coordinator for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. "With all the gear in the boat, including dogs, it can quickly become unbalanced."

Optional hunter education began in North Dakota Women Canada Goose Constable Parka Brown Singapore in the 1970s. In 1979, the state Legislature made hunter education mandatory and required that all people born after 1961 complete a certified course in order to purchase a hunting license. Since then, nearly 200,000 North Dakotans have been certified. The number of hunting accidents has fallen dramatically, but still, one is too many.

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